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» maskless, tag: my gf/nara
lila ge
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 08:36 PM
lila ge

@mirakumiho: mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

the risky aim, russian roulette
she hasn't set foot in paris since she was thirteen years old, but her body moves on instinctive muscle memory. sights, smells, even the taste of the air and the sound of the pavement...she had come to love this place, and then later hate it in equal measure. but there is something here that calls more precious than comfort, and so she has returned ignobly, to hopefully regain her nobility.

that's selfish.

but it's true. by necessity, she has become selfish. by same necessity she has to see the only person who can save her from herself again. it is selfish. it is for the greater good.


but she doesn't have time for considerations of her morality. she's found her destination. it's not as hard as she would think, because the house takes up a good portion of the block, and despite the security of the gates and cameras that face her, she's not concerned. instead, she smiles.

"delivery!" she calls cheerfully, and hefts the empty package. that, and her sham disguise of a uniform, is enough to warrant no response but a buzz as the gate opens. so much for top-notch security!

it's when she's inside that she drops all pretenses, and the box, immediately bee-lining for the stairs and ignoring anyone in her way.

"cat!" she yells up into empty hallways, turning the corner at the top in the hopes that it's the right one, but it gives her pause. it was an impulse, a gut reaction, but that isn't who she is anymore, is it? now that they're face-to-face again, knowing who one another is...hasn't she earned this right to call her by her name?

"adria," she tries again, but it comes out on a more broken note. she is disturbed by the need in her own voice just a few moments in. and yet...she likes it, and she can only hope that adria does, too.

"adria...i'm back."

@adria huebsch oh gosh here we go!!
adria huebsch
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 10:52 PM
adria huebsch

@catgurl: Sorry to have kept such a secret from everyone. I guess I should re-introduce myself. My name's Cat Noir of MIRACLE, but you might know me better at Adri Huebsch. Please take care of me.

@lila ge


She should never have taken that offer. Yes, it had been enjoyable and yes she loved every second of it. But the result of acting in Aftershocks was that now Adria had been dragged back to Paris with the likelihood of MIRACLE being disbanded incredibly high. Oh sure, one day she was going back to South Korea. Back to Seoul. How could she give up performing now? But her biggest fear was going there and realizing that everything had changed. LB was no longer interested in being her partner... she had to go solo.... no. Going solo was impossible especially now. She would always be under her father's influence.

Maybe the room she lived in was a good reflection on her life.

There was something of everything there. A rock climbing wall in the back corner, it was massive, her own built-in shower, big TV, games galore. But it made the blonde feel empty inside. All through her life had been something like this; having everything in the world but that had no substance. Never any meaning behind anything. Performing as Cat Noir? That had meaning. That had purpose. Adria Huebsch.... was just a doll for her father to dress up as he pleased.

At that moment there was a familiar voice ringing through the hallways, calling out her stage name. But Adria didn't bother to register the voice until it came closer swapping to her real name. The only one her father wanted her responding to. It rung through her brain she knew; Lila. A girl she'd been forced to leave years ago for no real reason that she knew of. But she would lift herself off the bed where she was lying down and go to see the other idol.

She wanted to have someone she knew by her side. She needed to cry but that wasn't an option. Because this was always going to be the inevitable. Returning to Paris... performing as an idol would never be permanent. It was painful to admit, but she was jealous of Lila for being able to continue performing against all odds.

Unlike her.

Suddenly the blonde would appear before quickly slumping against the other girl, clearly exhausted and just tired. "Hey.... Lila.... it's been a while huh?" Where was that Cat Noir confidence when she needed it? Clearly, never there. Then again Cat didn't exist without LB and LB..... wasn't here... and she never may be again. There was that chance that her partner would never stand by her side again.

She had to sob back tears.

lila ge
 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 12:37 AM
lila ge

@mirakumiho: mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

the risky aim, russian roulette
the sight of adria is -

the sound of adria is -

for a second, it's the feeling that her heart has stopped, because this couldn't be real - and if it was, she'd be more than content with that being the final afterimage of her corner of eternity. it's the feeling that she's found something long ago lost, only to with pleasure realise that it hasn't really changed at all. it's the feeling - that -

it's a feeling that she cannot quantify. it's too much for her, who hasn't felt anything but anger for a long time, and so she is simply and overwhelmingly hurt and comforted by the same breath and the same question. she knows that this is a moment that cannot last forever. she knows that, as soon as they open their mouths again, things are going to have to change. she wants...

she wants...

she doesn't know what she wants. she just knows that she needs adria, right now.

it happens too fast and too slow when she slumps up against her, and lila fights back the immediate, selfish sense of satisfaction in her head to lock her arms around the other girl. adria's clearly completely spent, and the glow of the moment in her head is immediately brought down by that familiar pervasive anger (to her own chagrin) - has she been locked in here, like a prisoner? lila's very excited to meet her father, and not to exchange pleasantries. she has several exciting activities in mind.

right now the need for focus is not him, though, it's her poor, dear kitty cat. she begins swaying slightly to comfort the both of them, and her arms tighten when adria fights back a very obvious sob.

"too long," she agrees quietly, and her hand rubs against her back slightly, trying to offer some sort of empathy. it's not something she is familiar with, but she does her best. she wonders if ladybug is here...(she also wonders, if not, how that can be used to her advantage later on). it'd only hurt adria to ask right now. that's not what she wants. she wants seeds of doubt, not a river of unhappiness. she needs to be the one adria needs, and adria needs to see that she is the one who has always been there, not lb. "they wouldn't let me see you, you know, after they annulled my contract. i tried. i promise. but i'm here now, and i'm not going anywhere else. we're going to get you out of this...this...morgue." her eyes disdainfully sweep the hallway. a prison, however pretty, is still a prison.

...but she's also not willing to break out of this embrace quite yet.

"you have no much i missed you," she says waveringly in her own emotional swell. "but i'm here, adria. i'm late, but i'm right here, okay? for however long you need me."

@adria huebsch three posts in and i'm already deceased :'-))))
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