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Jan 20 2018, 05:16 PM
CW: Discussions about the kidnapping

[dohtml]<center><link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Sans+Pro:400,700,900|Roboto:300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
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</style><div id="charname">
<div class="truelove1"><div class="truelove2"><div class="truelove2a"><i class="fa fa-wifi"></i><i class="fa fa-signal"></i> 12:00</div><div class="truelove3a">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/lXg6VZc.jpg">

<div class="truelove3"></div></div><div class="truelove4">

<br>to <b>Anna</b>

</div><div class="truelove5"><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr valign="top"><td><div class="truelove5a"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=3019"><div class="truelove5b"><i class="fa fa-envelope"></i></div></a></div></td><td><div class="truelove6">

<div class="tlbubble">Anna? It's Elle. Please respond as soon as you get this.</div>

<div class="tlbubble">I just heard about what happened to Haebitna.</div>

<div class="tlbubble">I know we don't talk much but..yeah</div>

<div class="tlbubble">If there's anything I can do to help..please let me know</div>

</div><div class="truelove6a"><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><td><div class="truelove6c"></div></td><td><div class="truelove6d"><i class="fa fa-send"></i></div></td></table></div></td></tr></table></div><div class="truelove2b"></div><div class="truelove2c"></div></div></div></div></center>[/dohtml]
Jun 17 2017, 02:48 PM
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December 21, 1991
<div class="biginfo">
<div class="biginforeal">
<h1>Hobbies</h1>Reading, studying, singing (unbeknownst to most),
secretly keeping up on her sister and cousin's careers<br>
<h1>Likes</h1>Chocolate, cold weather, making snowmen, feeling appreciated for her efforts, her sister, her cousin, <s>k-pop</s><br>
<h1>Dislikes</h1> Boats, riding in the backseat of a car, feeling too hot, talking too much about herself
<h1>Player Name:</h1>Mandee<br>
<h1>Other Characters:</h1> Alfred
and Rini<br>
<h1>Contact:</h1> mandeebobandee on skype or pm<br>
<div class="namebox">
Elle Baek
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<div class="content">
<div class="appbox">
<div class="appname">Elle Baek</div>
<div class="appreal">
<h1> Personality </h1>At first glance, Elle does not seem easily approachable. She's quiet, serious, and even a bit frosty at times. There's a reason why many of her peers in school called her the Snow Queen in school. Elsa certainly doesn't go out of her way to make friends, though she does her best to be polite and make small talk if the need arises.<br><br>

There is a lot more to Elle lurking just below the surface. She's restless, scared, and frustrated but does not feel as though she has an outlet for any of this. She has expectations that she must attend to after all, and she doesn't want to disappoint anyone. There is a part of her that actually wants to open up to others that she's turned away, especially her sister. She's torn, because part of her wants to do well by her parents now that she's a lawyer at her late father's law firm, while there's another part of her that wants to run away and follow her own dreams. Is she even allowed to have her own dreams at this point?<br><br>

There is a part of Elle that is aching to burst out, and as she grows more stressed at her new position at the firm it's growing increasingly likely that Elle is going to go over the edge. What happens after that and if anyone will be there to pick up the pieces afterward remains to be seen..
<h1>Backstory</h1>The earliest years of Elle's life were fairly carefree, as they are with most children when they are extremely young. Her parents doted on her, and though they had high expectations for her from the get go she remained blissfully unaware of said expectations during her earliest years.

Elle remained an only child for the first several years of her life, her younger sister Anna coming along when she was eight years old. She'd wanted a little sister ever since meeting her baby cousin Haebitna when she was six, and was thus thrilled when Anna came along a couple of years afterward. Despite their large age difference, the two girls were fairly close. As soon as the two were old enough to play with one another, they did. It was also around this time that Elle began to get into k-pop. She'd often perform for Anna, much to the toddler's delight. Sometimes she would even let the little girl participate!<br><br>

..her parents took less kindly to this habit, telling her that she needed to focus on her studies. Elle begged them to let her attend an audition nearby, going so far as to focus extra hard on her studies so that she would get the best grades possible and could use this as leverage to convince her parents. It worked! They were still hesitant, but they eventually caved in to Elle's begging and delivering of her promises of good grades.<br><br>

It was raining the day Elle's parents were driving her to the auditions. Her parents were in the front seat while Elle and Anna were in the back. Elle was busy telling Anna a story, both enraptured in what they were doing. They didn't notice the car start to hydroplane. They didn't notice their father swerving to try to gain control of the vehicle. They didn't notice until the car crashed.<br><br>

..or, at least, Elle noticed.<br><br>

Fortunately, Elle and her parents were no worse for the wear. Elle had a few cuts and scrapes, as did her parents. She let out a sigh of relief before glancing over at her sister. Upon realizing that her sister was unconscious, she let out a scream of horror so loud that her parents had no choice but to turn their attention to the backseat of the car immediately.<br><br>

Anna was rushed to the hospital. It was revealed that Anna sustained a head injury, nothing life threatening but bad enough that she needed to be held in the hospital for a couple of days. She would be alright. The entire family was relieved. Everything could go back to normal.<br><br>

..except that it didn't.<br><br>

For Anna it did. The injury meant that she recalled nothing of the accident that led to the injury in the first place. Her parents decided that this was the way they would move forth. Nothing more would be mentioned of the incident. If Anna asked about her scar, they would claim that she fell. They even told Elle not to tell Anna, out of fear that telling Anna might traumatize their youngest daughter.<br><br>

Their youngest daughter..so nice of them to consider the trauma to their youngest daughter, but not stop to think that their older daughter might be facing trauma of her own.<br><br>

Elle Baek was to be a lawyer like her father, to work for her father's law firm when she was old enough. They'd allowed her her childish dreams of being a k-pop star when she was younger, but as the eldest child this was expected of her. No questions asked. And Elle did not bother to ask them. She might have, once upon a time. But it would do well to remember that Elle before the accident had a lot less baggage than Elle after the accident.<br><br>

Because the family all but ignored that the accident even happened, Elle had no way to address to anyone what happened. She could not tell anyone that she still had nightmares at least two to three times a week about either the accident itself, or her sister being harmed in some other fashion. Elle did not throw herself into her studies to become a lawyer because she truly enjoyed it, though she certainly played it up as though she did. She wanted to make her parents proud after all. She didn't give up on her childhood dreams of k-pop because they were childhood dreams and nothing more.<br><br>

She gave up on her childhood dreams because her sister nearly died on the way to an audition that the family was only headed to in the first place because Elle would not stop bothering her parents about it. Anna was only hurt in that accident because Elle would not stop bothering her parents to take her to the audition. Anna was hurt <i>because</i> of Elle. And she wouldn't let that happen again.<br><br>

She finished high school and went on to college to study law. She'd even convinced herself that it was what she truly wanted to do at this point. While she was away at college, her parents passed away in a boating accident. Elle was devastated, but by this point was far too versed in bottling up her emotions. She hardly cried at the funeral. She hardly cried as she and Anna were shuffled to live with their aunt and uncle (though Elle only lived there during the summer months while she was not at school, and that was only for her first couple of years in college). Not that she didn't cry..but she'd learned to <i>conceal</i> how she felt a long time before. It wasn't until she was alone in her room the first night at her aunt and uncle's house that she let her tears fall freely.<br><br>

Her sister and cousin both got involved with k-pop. It was at this point that Elle left her aunt and uncle's house for good. Part of this was due to her age, and part of this was due to her sister and cousin's careers opening old wounds. She was happy to hear that both auditions went well, even managing to send a congratulations card to Anna. She was happy for her sister, but she couldn't even bring herself to get close to her sister. What if she brought it all crashing down in the end, just as she had before?<br><br>

Elle finished with law school at the of 24 and is a new hire at the law firm originally named for her father and still run by a couple of other family members. She is expected to take the helm eventually. As for what direction she wants to do with her degree? She's awfully tempted to offer her legal services to <i>idols</i> who need it..

<h1>Connections</h1> - Her name Elle is fairly similar to Elsa. The name Baek is the same last name Anna and Haebitna have on here..and Anna is, well, Anna, while Haebitna is Rapunzel (and there are a lot of fan theories going around that Rapunzel is the cousin of Anna and Elsa). So yus, they're family on here as well.<br><br>

- Instead of Elsa cursing her sister with magic? The family was in a car accident on the way to an audition for Elle and Anna wound up seriously hurt. Despite it obviously being an accident, Elle still blames herself for what happened and has pulled away from her sister in a misguided attempt to protect her..much as she did in the movie.<br><br>

- The parents..let's just say I'm not a huge fan of how Elsa and Anna's parents handled the whole situation in the movie, and I carried that over here. Anna's memory was wiped with magic in Frozen, but here she obtained a head injury that left her with amnesia surrounding the accident itself. I would like to note that I did not intend to depict her parents as <i>terrible</i>..in both this app and in the movie, I think they were trying to do what they felt was best for their girls and wound up making things worse in the end.<br><br>

- The push to become a lawyer at a family lawn firm? Yeah, that was supposed to be a parallel to becoming Queen of Arendelle.<br><br>

- A huge part of Frozen is that Elsa feels the need to hold in her emotions because of her ability (despite that actually making things worse in the end)..in this case, Elle is holding back her emotion simply because she feels that she has a duty to maintain a stiff upper lip, but similar results </div>
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<label for="tab-3" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tYnSbUL.png" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
<div class="shipper">
<div class="shipperreal">
<h1>Intro</h1> she tends to keep just about everyone at a distance to some extent. it is possible to get through that stoic exterior, but be prepared to deal with someone who has a lot more baggage than she lets on
<h1>Friends</h1> elle is actually fairly easy to get along with overall. she's goodhearted and helpful, and incredibly loyal to those that she considers friends and family..but even still, she is a bit hesitant to get close to others. so while she might be friendly, it may be hard for one to consider her a friend when she rarely seems to open up even with those she's closer to.
<h1>Lovers</h1> similar to above..though it is perhaps even harder to land in this category with elsa given how guarded she is and how love interests generally mean opening oneself up a lot more than even just friendships. that said, she's had her eyes on both males and females in the past (not that she'll be likely to admit that all that easily)
<h1>Enemies</h1> go after her family and you'll wind up in this category without a doubt. also someone who tries to force her to open up without letting her do so herself.
<h1>Others</h1> her sister anna and cousin haebitna are both on here, of course! not to mention she's looking to offer legal representation to idols who might need it, so if you're an idol looking for a lawyer that could be a plot point to jump off of too
<div class="smallpics">
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/C7a6DCG.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="BISEXUAL">
<div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/YVqwxVa.png" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="SHE/HER">
<div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/ydAtdsM.jpg" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="QUEEN ELSA FROM FROZEN">
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