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Mar 17 2018, 10:07 AM
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<b>conspiracy #1</b><br>
what if ... the trainees who were scouted by kyu-byul and failed are those who were ruined by toh-rin? :eyes: i mean, that would be fitting according to time and stuff ... woah.<br>
<b>headcanon #1</b><br>
if toh-rin has a boyfriend, it will be most likely the case that she'll be scared to death when he's laying in her bed without her noticing and she'll be so pissed off that she'll kick him as soon as possible off the bed because it's her empire, anyway. probably won't even notice it's her boyfriend because she's busy swearing.<br>
<b>au crap #1</b><br>
what if ... kyu-byul is a dementor in a hp au? :eyes: let's be honest, it would be fitting.<br>

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Mar 4 2018, 08:34 AM
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okay, so this is a vague try to get some love into the life of my characters ...? like ... quite a few are somehow difficult and i have some ideas for them and yeah, we can talk about anything, to be honest, just click yourself through the ad if you want? <3 let me know if you have questions!<br>
<s>and sorry. i can't keep myself short.</s><br>

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<div class="crown" style="background:#966b8b"><div class="crown1">(don't) hold me tight</div></div>
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<center>this belongs to @toh-rin dutchman.</center><br>
<b1>tl;dr</b1> toxic relationship where nobody actually knows why they are a couple - or if there's more than just the feeling 'it has to be', not romantic-wise.<br>
<b1>meet the girl,</b1> a bitter cherry wine. ... okay, she's literally a human espresso. in short, she ruined her past with her own two hands, got ruined by the fame she wanted to have until she fell hard. she has some issues with her descent, being mixed-race, so please be aware of that! otherwise, she tries to rebuild her reputation by acting the nice girl and it seems to work, she's no longer just the assistant of someone, but the manager of boss' newest group, howl.<br>
<b1>who are you?</b1> obviously, i want her to have a boyfriend she can cherish while thinking that's total bullshit, i apologize in advance! actually, i don't care much about whatever you want to do, so ... go crazy? can also be filled by an existing character if you want!<br>
if you'd like to have some suggestions, here is one: perhaps he was one of the people who supported her back then and even involved himself in some criminal issues for her? so they kinda stick together because of that . . . or stuff. why he had done it is up to you.<br>
<b1>the blurred image of us in the mirror,</b1> is a relationship which seems to be perfect. in the superficial sense, you're a happy couple which can be seen as quite normal. underneath the smile, she keeps thinking he's only with her because he feels like he has to, and she won't believe he's actually in love with her - well, that's just impossible in her eyes. perhaps he feels guilty and stays with her because of that, perhaps there is love or there will be - in the end, when the curtains fall, the happy couple often just vanish. when nobody watches, why acting? (or something like that. however, you can read another description of the same stuff in her application > shipper > lovers!)<br>
<b1>'round and 'round it goes,</b1> and the short facts beneath are fairly only suggestions (like i didn't state a thing here), the face claim is only suggested because they had a photoshoot together and yeah, open spirit and everything.<br>
<div class="crowned" style="background:#744868">21-25 Y/O - OPEN JOB - OPEN GROUP - PARK JINYOUNG / OPEN</div>

<div class="onead">
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<div class="crowncontainer">
<div class="crown" style="background:#446288"><div class="crown1">blue rose, rose blue</div></div>
<div style="width:350px;height:250px;background-image:url(;background-size:cover;"><div class="ground">
<div class="ontheground"><div class="onthegroundhov"><div class="ontheground1">
<center>this belongs to @hye-ri hong.</center><br>
<b2>tl;dr</b2> slowburn (rivals to frenemies to) friends to best friends to roommates to lovers after an awkward period of one of them dating another person, ending up in a desastrous relationship and break-up and realization that they're in love while eating ice cream.<br>
<b2>a female face vanishes,</b2> leaving the stage as the curtains fall. more known as 'white', she sometimes appears just like the color - a little bit like a ghost, but then, she's ready to snatch on you whenever you make a wrong move. she can be seen as either strong or intimidating, and even now, as she stepped off spotlight, she's highly in charge of sarcastic remarks and a moody personality. not the easiest to handle, but once she likes you, she can be the most loyal person.<br>
<b2>a new one goes on stage</b2> and the lines are still blurred, not allowing a more in-depth insight. who are you? quite a lively being, sure, you move as you breathe and you just can't keep you silent for a minute. yet, there are these quiet times where you just enjoy - enjoy to be alive? who knows.<br>
<b2>a group picture of two</b2> which depicts a girl and a boy. they should get to know each other just recently, perhaps he just joined the dance crew, perhaps both are assigned to do something together ... however, they can either hate each other at first, trying to be better than the other, or actually immediately bond with each other, i don't mind either way. i just like to have a slowburn evolution from 'just friends' to ... well, something more. please some domestic fluff at some time ...!! i thought it could be quite funny if one of them ends up in a relationship with another person for a short time, but it just doesn't go or end well, so they can end up eating ice cream as comfort food and all that stuff and while trying to get over the past love, suddenly just realizing that they <i>do</i> have feelings for each other - but they don't confess at once because ... like ... 'nooooo, s/he's my best friend, i can't?? i don't want to destroy our friendship with awkward feelings??' and all that stuff.<br>
of course, throw your own ideas in, i'd just love to sketch the vague line, but the details are up to us, ofc!!</br>
<b2>quick run time</b2> for quick infos. i'd love to keep the short facts i've stated below because ... i love hwall? he's a great dancer and ... i love boss?? and their dance crew ...? so just ... please? canon is entirely open! and we can always discuss stuff if you're really interested in the plot, but can't deal with details and stuff, just let me know! <3<br>
<div class="crowned" style="background:#1e3655">20-25 Y/O - DANCE CREW - BOSS - HEO HYUNJOON (HWALL)</div>

<div class="onead">
<input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-3" style="margin-left:142px;background-image:url(;box-shadow:inset 0px 0px 0px 100px rgba(17,17,17,0.5)"></label>
<div class="crowncontainer" style="filter:grayscale(100%)">
<div class="crown" style="background:#333"><div class="crown1">quote the raven</div></div>
<div style="width:350px;height:250px;background-image:url(;background-size:cover;"><div class="ground">
<div class="ontheground"><div class="onthegroundhov"><div class="ontheground1">
<center><b3>hands off!</b3> taken by beautiful chai!<br>
(also hell, he's done BD)<br>
<s><br>this belongs to <span class="boss"><b>@mae-lee chae</b></span>, who's not very finished by now, but i hope to get him done in the next two days, so please?</center><br>
<b3>tl;dr</b3> dead-ass girl who clings to mae-lee, whatever will happen, and also a trainee of boss, so YOU COULD PUT HER TO KCHOICE IF YOU WANT WITH SHORT APPLICATION?? <s>only reason why i rush to write this lmao</s><br>
<b3>the boy is wicked,</b3> they say, and they are right. he's a charming person to meet, but still perhaps one of the most intimidating. he thinks of himself as superior and doesn't lower his attitude at one point. he feels betrayed and he wants revenge. a snarky person who doesn't feel like giving up - the taste of victory is sweeter than gold, right?<br>
<b3>she is just as wicked as him</b3>, if you can say it like that. whatever makes her to stay with him since he arrived in seoul, one can't name it. perhaps he has saved her, but whatever it is, it's here. she's a silent being, a fair shadow, and she became the boy's right hand. she won't be with him for the whole time, admittingly, but whatever will happen, she'll stay with him.<br>
<b3>the flight of a crow is cowardish</b3>, they say, and obviously, this wanted ad for our dear maleficent is just an allusion to diablo, her raven! in mae-lee's app, the raven <s>will be</s> is indeed only a raven, but somehow, i'd like to have a person like above around him - someone he can rely on and who won't mess up, someone who makes him expressing shock and fear when she's hurt (like maleficent as she discovers her raven is turned into stone i think), just ... a human diablo. perhaps they even fall for each other since this is a general love interest wanted ad, but it will be a fair way!<br>
<b3>madness in short</b3> means i'd like to stick to the short facts below, but feel free to change the face claim if you don't like her! the only wish i have is <b3>black hair</b3> because diablo is a raven and they are black and i love black hair. open spirit, take care of her personality, otherwise, go wild!<br>
can or cannot participate in kchoice, mae-lee won't, but no need to stick to him here!<br></s>
<div class="crowned" style="background:#111">16-17 Y/O - TRAINEE - BOSS - JUNG EUNBI (EUNHA) / OPEN</div>

<div class="onead">
<input type="radio" id="tab-4" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-4" style="margin-left:213px;background-image:url(;box-shadow:inset 0px 0px 0px 100px rgba(130,65,80,0.5)"></label>
<div class="crowncontainer">
<div class="crown" style="background:#a75467"><div class="crown1">from zero to ...</div></div>
<div style="width:350px;height:250px;background-image:url(;background-size:cover;"><div class="ground">
<div class="ontheground"><div class="onthegroundhov"><div class="ontheground1">
<center><b5>hands off!</b5> reserved for wonderful emele!<br><br>
this belongs to @min-hee woo.</center><br>
<b5>tl;dr</b5> story much like disney's 'hercules', but open spirit! so sorta ... clumsy rescue of min-hee, later meeting again, she's supposed to bring him to fall, but nope, and everything. bad at summarizing this, i'm sorry ...<br>
<b5>a beautiful girl passes by,</b5> leaving a trace of witty remarks behind her. it's not like she's dumb, like she really would need help or something - she's quite solitary, independent and acts as if nothing touches her anymore. she's a loner, for sure, but she knows what she has to do because it's told her. she lost a love once and she doesn't want to feel the same pain - ever again.<br>
<b5>a clumsy hero crosses her way,</b5> unable to spot the difference between his right and his left foot, but he still rescues her when she's in a difficult situation. perhaps, he even fell for the beauty - but she doesn't think they will ever meet again.<br>
<b5>paths always cross twice,</b5> they say and somehow, she's assigned to get information about that young man she met back then. well, and somehow, from then, there's love crawling its way ... but why does she have to determine his fall?<br>
<i>or something like this.</i> up until now, i'm only reciting the story of hercules and megara in disney's adaption, but literally, we can definitely alter stuff if wanted! (also i'm pretty sure my explanation here is at least somewhere incorrect, ahaha ...) i'd just like to have a more or less dumb and clumsy young man in her life that messes up with her love life she would rather refuse - and who's the reason why she can free herself from sealight because i'd love her to change the company to boss and become solo artist and finally stop acting below her talent.<br>
<b5>a short glance in the mirror,</b5> signalizing that the short facts below are somehow changeable! spirit doesn't have to be hercules at all, choose whoever you'd like for this! but ... i'd LOVE him to be in boss and i'd LOVE to have ji changmin (q) from the boyz as face claim because i literally fell in love with him and he's just cute and dorky and adorable and ... okay, i quit this now. however, age depends on where you'd like to put him, but just a sshhh-note that there might be a flying horse around for modern love as well ...<br>
<div class="crowned" style="background:#824150">21/25+ Y/O - MODERN LOVE / OPEN - BOSS - JI CHANGMIN (Q)</div>

<div class="onead">
<input type="radio" id="tab-5" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-5" style="margin-left:284px;background-image:url(;box-shadow:inset 0px 0px 0px 100px rgba(193,145,26,0.5)"></label>
<div class="crowncontainer">
<div class="crown" style="background:#e0a91e"><div class="crown1">king to the queen.</div></div>
<div style="width:350px;height:250px;background-image:url(;background-size:cover;"><div class="ground">
<div class="ontheground"><div class="onthegroundhov"><div class="ontheground1">
<center>this belongs to @eun-jun han.</center><br>
<b6>tl;dr</b6> destined to be since childhood, ex-leader of supercool gamer gang until late teens, then everything fell to pieces, any attempts to revive failed - once because of him beserking. basically the king to the queen and now, he's always there when she needs him and summons him tbh. tol man.<br>
<b6>the queen is here,</b6> and all are gazing upon the lady stepping on stage. she's surely an intense performer, a cruel gamer and yet a caring empress - even as she bonds more with computers and smartphones, she's yet graceful and pays attention to her surroundings. she wants to understand them, to know them, and perhaps, she wants to travel in time - travel to a time where her 'kingdom' still existed. where she was the right 'princess' to become a queen.<br>
<b6>the king arrives,</b6> and you are surely an eye-catcher because of your height. almost taller than anyone else, you had been the leader, the 'king' of a group of gaming people. perhaps, you loved them - perhaps not. however, as everything broke to pieces due to a war, a competition you couldn't win, you turned silent, unable to do a thing. then, your 'queen' reappears, helping you to cheat. you took the chance, you ... got insane. you tried to control everything, to bring everything back, but you failed. beaten by the guys that are called 'friends' by your queen now.<br>
<b6>a reign requires king and queen,</b6> and now, years after years, you both are back together. perhaps not as close as you used to be, as you only come when she calls for you, but slowly, perhaps, you start to realize your failures and your mistakes. you try to rebuild the trust. and honestly? she will happily welcome you back because she still knows that a queen cannot be without a king.<br>
... basically, that's the story of them so far i think! it's originally a meme tbh (eve, the nasod princess, can summon a giant fist, and it's apparently the fist of king nasod, who is practically her husband), but i really like that kind of story? and no worry, she doesn't keep him as slave, lolol, <s>only at the beginning</s> because i really like to have a romantic yet rather platonic relationship between them! where they can trust each other and just be fluffy because fluff. be aware she likes smartphones the best because they're her children. however, we can definitely talk about certain aspects of the role, so we can adjust it and stuff! just lemme know <3<br>
<b6>a short audience?</b6> basically, a lot is open about him (beside age, which should be 30+ in the very end), and i just like him to be part of boss as well (perhaps summer boys? personal bodyguard? lol), but tbh he can also be in media or other or stuff! just let's discuss it - ah, also face claim is just a handsome suggestion because he's really tall (and i love knk)! and the only restrictment is that he's tall!! i don't ask for more, and like that, literally any face claim goes, so please go wild and make it to your own character if interested <3 open spirit because i don't think you want to personify king nasod ... xD<br>
<div class="crowned" style="background:#c1911a">30+ Y/O - OPEN JOB - BOSS PREF. - PARK SEUNGJUN / OPEN</div>


<center><div style="width: 350px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px;"><a href="">♥ HANNAH</a></div></center></div>[/dohtml]
Jan 16 2018, 11:43 AM
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toh-rin actually had been in the mood for being friendly the first few hours of her working day. now that she was - <i>finally</i> - in charge of a group and therefore, she didn't have to follow any restricition anymore for evil's sake (which, of course, meant that the ceo's words were still the last, but ... there weren't many in between anymore, so HAH), she would be able to be recognized for her amazing work (not that she had done anything so far, but she knew she'd be more than amazing) which was more than enough.<br>
no. longer. getting. coffee. for. other. people.<br>
oh, being an assistant had been hell.<br>
but now, it was the lady's turn to boss people around, right? (well, although she would admit that being nasty at first didn't always lead to the result she wanted to have, so she still had to be nice, eks.)<br>
honestly, she would really like to.<br>
only that the soon-to-be-leader didn't seem to take any realization that his upcoming manager had tried to reach him via phone for ... twice? which was already enough to make her explode. it destroyed her good mood at once - fortunately, she was more than skilled to let the anger inside, maintaining her smile whenever a person crossed her way. <i>ex-haus-ting.</i> but she wouldn't give in now, oh, that person should get to know her ...!! (well, although they would do, anyway not? if she was accursing it or not, it was absolutely unnecessary, but at least it made her feel better.)<br>
and now, she was going around and asking other staff members in a most polite <s>so unnecessary</s> manner where she would find that certain person.<br>
well, after an even more exhausting q&a, the brown-haired <i>finally</i> found someone who seemed to have a clue where that shadow person should be (HONESTLY, nobody had to perform their stage name to that degree, she would prefer him being a light being now). she thanked and rushed away.<br>
people possibly perceived her as nervous, fresh and all-delighted new manager for now.<br>
let's make clear she was not.<br>
only the fact that she should be able to find him in one of the practice rooms seemed to enlighten her mood a bit - if he wasn't just laying for fun there and making nothing, then it could actually work out. if the attitude was better than his skill to pick up phones, it was actually possible they might get along.<br>
... but what was she thinking? people who <i>fit</i> her ideal type of a working man (machines, to be honest)? hah. what a laughter. she didn't hold much hope in her chest, if there was any.<br>
so, she was calmed for now as she reached the room mr shadow should be in. (what was his name again? ah ... her disinterest in other people surely was something awful. some kind of ... jake ...?) her face was as usually smiling, restoring the image she was performing for years. toh-rin knocked at the door. <b>"excuse me, can i come in, please?"</b> she avoided to adress a certain person, but just in case, she looked up the name of the howl's leader on her phone. surely she had to remember their names, but everything was just about to start, so there was time, not?
<div class="mooseIn">
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<center>@james bahn</center>

.moose { width:300px;margin:30px auto;background:url(;border:1px solid white;padding:15px;color:black;font:9px verdana;line-height:12px; }
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Jan 9 2018, 12:56 PM
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Dec 31 2017, 07:35 AM
<link href="|Pacifico|Nunito" rel="stylesheet">
<div style="line-height:15px;width:300px;text-align:justify;margin:10px auto"><b>cw for: mixed-race discrimination, mentions of injuring others seriously as well as kidnapping/threats from the perspective of the culprit, obsessive hate</b></div><br>
<center><div class="rebye">
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<div class="content">
<div class="firstpic"><img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%" title="jeon somi"></div>
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 225px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
howl's manager
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 12px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
b / 168 cm / 42 kg
<div class="idolinfoboxes1" style="top: 275px; left: 217px;"><img src="" align="left" style="height: 20px; width: 20px; margin-top: 11px; margin-left: 4.5px"><div class="idolinforeal">
november 29th, 1996
<div class="biginfo">
<div class="biginforeal">
<h1>Hobbies</h1> gambling, singing, dancing, shopping, thinking of <s>evil</s> plans, commanding, making lists <s>and giving them to others, so they can do the work for her</s>, destroying other people presents, organizing partys for herself<br>
<h1>Likes</h1> compliments, shiny things, objects of value, large presents for her, being accepted as she is, cats, bats, black humour, winning<br>
<h1>Dislikes</h1> weakness, weak people, handmade things, presents for other people than her, cute objects, useless people, having debts, love, happy ends<br>
<h1>Player Name:</h1> yuen<br>
<h1>Other Characters:</h1> kyu-byul rhee<br>
<h1>Contact:</h1> ask for skype/discord, pm's always a way to reach me<br>
<div class="namebox">
toh-rin / mori
<div class="tab">
<input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-2" style="z-index:7; top: 125px;"><img src="" style="margin-top:-1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
<div class="appbox">
<div class="appname">toh-rin dutchman</div>
<div class="appreal">
<h1>person of hatred</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>no sweet next to my bitter.</b><br>
<i>your favorite place: nowhere.</i><br>
you know too well that nobody actually likes to be with you. you know that you often spread more fear and displeasure than joy. you know that people only deal with you because they have to. in fact, that is what you believe and you keep on believing it. there is not even the slightest chance, according to you, that someone would be with you not because they have to or feel like they have to.<br>
caring about others is not your strength, anyway.<br>
still, you are a great leader. or rather ... 'person of charge'.<br>
maybe, you do not work like all the other people of authority work, you use what you can to signalize that you have the rights to do what you want and that you are the one who is superior. you know how to command, how you get people to do what you want. fear? maybe. admiration? also possible. because of ulterior motives? if it works. pressure? of course.<br>
love? you do not believe in such things as love. at least, you do not think that this would make people act the way you want because you do not think you could be truly beloved.<br>
<b>nobody like me.</b><br>
<i>your sincerest love: myself.</i><br>
<i>your biggest hate: myself.</i><br>
but regardless of anything, ever since, you truly believe in yourself, in your skills and that you would be able to change almost anything which occurs to be an obstacle. you know you are smart enough to overcome these hindrances in your life - only that there is one flaw you cannot erase, how hard you try.<br>
the way people look at you, puzzled, startled, surprised, as if they never saw something like you before. although it might have changed, over the last years, you still restrain yourself from looking other people into the eyes when you talk with them, pretending to do, pretending as if you would properly face them, but you know that this is not what you do.<br>
you run away. but that is fine with you. you only need yourself. at least for the time being.<br>
<b>all these flashlights, spotlights.</b><br>
<i>describe yourself in one word: passive aggressive.<br>
- excuse me, ma'am, this is ... not one word.<br>
- oh, shut up, is it my fault your stupid brain can't think a bit out of the frame?<br>
- ... no, but-<br>
- but me no buts, or i'll chop your head off.<br>
- ... as you like, ma'am.<br>
- ... fine, add a damn hyphen.<br>
- very well.</i><br>
you know that your mood is not depicted from the beginning to the end. you are a raging storm, but then, in the next second, you can be an actual sunshine, laughing about a joke someone else made. nobody can foreshadow what is going on in your mind. and often, you do not even know what feeling will conquer your unsteady heart the next second. but it is fine with you. this is all part of you, and it is fine.<br>
you are a constant changing shower of thunderbolts and soft raindrops.<br>
you are fine. at least, you believe you are fine. you can control your feelings to a certain point, so it does not bother you much. that you feel the rage in one moment, the calamity, and then, the silence in the next.<br>
regardless of anything, you love to present yourself, to be the center of everybody's attention. you know that you are made for the show, but unfortunately, nobody else seems to understand this as well as yourself.<br>
that is just another reason why you do not need another person in your life. you only need an audience, right? and you are always a person easy to please, although you might not admit this, it only needs a sweet word to keep you quiet, actually, to convince you at least half-way to do something.<br>
<i>but you are also clever enough not to give but accept, mainly.</i><br>
<b>hide your gun. and any other weapon you have.</b><br>
<i>your last words: ah, does this finally end? i can't hear this awful voice anymore, go, get me a coffee, now. ... i mean, yes, of course, the boys are in best charge <s>when they succeed</s>.</i><br>
even though you are now in a higher position than before, you are still not allowed to do whatever you want. for the first time in your life, you have to obey what <i>other</i> people say. that is right, it already makes you sick only hearing this, but you must admit that there are goals you cannot reach otherwise. so, you started to bow your head, to agree with other people (although you do not listen to them properly that often), to take other people's words in consideration - only to stay where you are. you do not want to be fired. now, your countless and your last chance came to prove yourself.<br>

<h1>back to the ground</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<b>prologue - birth;<br>
a curse bond by a wish.</b><br>
you actually were a child your parents wished to have. they were sincerely in love and they wanted to give you the same love. in fact, they never thought about what they would do to you by giving you birth and life. that the world would not give you the love you beseech for.<br>
<i>you wanted to be accepted by someone else.</i><br>
<b>chapter one - childhood;<br>
watching every step you make.</b><br>
the first years of your life were probably the most comfortable ones. growing up in a shelter, only made for you, the only child, you were cherished and your parents gave you the love you would ache for in the coming years.<br>
they made you believe that you were a beloved child.<br>
maybe, you were.<br>
so why had your parents decided to divorce? why had they not done the opposite, staying together, when they said they would love you? it was the first scratch on your perfect world. you started to change your home frequently. your father moved to america, your mother moved back to korea. you spent months with each of them, according to a strict plan.<br>
surely, your parents still loved you as you were. but it was difficult for you to cope with your surroundings, the ever-changing environment. they did not seem to accept you and you always felt excluded.<br>
in korea, you were a foreigner, people were noticing the trace of your dutch father.<br>
in america, you were a foreigner, people were noticing the trace of your korean mother.<br>
you started to question if there really was a place where you belonged to, where you could be who you were. because if that place actually existed, it was good in hide and seek.<br>
<b>chapter two - youth;<br>
the bitterness when everything is leaving around you.</b><br>
you looked for a place where you could shine. you found it as you decided to audition for sealight while you were in korea. you are quite good in dancing and singing, both activities where you could show off your skills.<br>
<i>that are the moments where you do not feel like you are someone different.</i><br>
you made it. you became a trainee at age of fourteen. it was the first step you made on your own, the first step to your dream. at the same time, it seemed to be the first step to your fall, only that nobody would have be able to foreshadow it.<br>
<i>nobody would have expected it, not?</i><br>
soon, people started to admire you for your talent, but there were also people who did not believe that you would actually debut. they did not see you as equal and you always had to keep in mind that there were these people who disliked you. you always felt the exclusion, even stronger than in school, the difference you had in comparison with other trainees - which were full asian. the advantage to be able to speak various languages, to be able to cope with international fans - nothing which would impress anybody as long as there was this slight difference in your appearance, in your korean, this far too tiny accent of a dutch or english speaker.<br>
that only amplified your wish to debut. quickly, the wish became an obsession and with that, you started to manipulate. you convinced the people that supported you to do few things for you, sometimes, you laid hands on it yourself - you made some trainees slip and trip, to fail in their own very graceful way. oh, how satisfied you actually felt to see all these wanna-bes leaving the company - <i>forever</i>.<br>
you made sure to keep everything close to your heart, to choose the right people. some might suspect, but they were never able to prove that you were the one who was in charge of any of those actions.<br>
<i>you are far too clever to be caught in the act, not?</i><br>
<b>chapter three - adolescence;<br>
everything is connected to a picture of hate.</b><br>
... there was only one person which constantly ruined your debut with the coming years. known as 'hyemi', she was a trainee just like you - and while your skills improved, so did hers. you were not able to ruin her just like you ruined so many before her, she was way more famous among the higher-ups and the publicity than you, she was way more <i>beloved</i> than you. <i>truly</i> beloved. at that time, you already noticed that love was something which did not exist in your life, that some only did what you demanded because of some kind of pressure.<br>
<i>or whatever. you do not care, after all.</i><br>
so, you decided to create a trap for her. <i>only for her</i>, which was the target of your endless hate. you hated her, so much, so much, because she was different. she was different and you know you would not be able to ever compete with her equally.<br>
the management already decided that one of you both would debut. and you knew that it would be her, even though they left it open by now. you knew it and you hated it.<br>
<i>you cannot let this happen, can you?</i><br>
<b>chapter four - late adolescence;<br>
the final fall, running down the water.</b><br>
the management also announced that the debut would take place during a live show with various other artists. there, their next successful soloist should make her debut.<br>
it was your chance. even though they had finally decided to let 'hyemi' debut and not you, they would not be able to say a thing against your debut (you are only as good as her, considering skills, not?) if she ... 'disappeared' and they had no other possibility than announcing <i>you</i> and no one else, right?<br>
the first step you did was not to eliminate the thorn in your eye. you had to prepare everything well for it, you did not wish to mess it up - you knew it would mean your end and that was the last thing you wanted.<br>
so, secretly, you started to convince (sometimes, you actually forced) parts of the management to prepare <i>your</i> debut as well. it would be awful if you would be able to lock her up, but to have nothing to show, right? you were clever enough to let it look as if you did not know any of these steps. you always used a third, a fourth, a fifth person to convey what you wanted to achieve. nobody would be able to detect that you were the person behind all of this.<br>
<i>at least, that was what you believed.</i><br>
everything was just as you liked it.<br>
it would have ended differently if there had not been this specific person.<br>
he was not a trainee, he was rather in charge of them, a vocal coach, a songwriter, you do not remember because it does not bother you much what he exactly was. in your eyes, he was just some kind of lackish superhero you laugh about as you seemed to be able to trick him. you let people steal an important piece of his latest composition and you used it to pressure him to the place where you wanted him to be, a storeroom in a part of the building where rarely someone passed by. you captured him there, partly revealing your true nature - in the end, he always suspected what was under your sweet surface, not?<br>
<i>it was not like it would mean much anymore.</i><br>
you progressed with your plan.<br>
so, it was time for your next step. you managed that 'hyemi' agreed to a private talk with you shortly before the announcement would be made - and of course, it was only a neat and tidy trap to kidnap her. your minions should bring her to a place where she should not disturb you anymore - <i>forever</i>. they were supposed to give her some sleeping pills, so she would fall asleep and would not be able to make any trouble anymore. in fact, you could not care less about what would happen to her now, it was fine with you as long as she would not interfere any longer in your life. but you could not imagine that your supporters might fail.<br>
<i>why does it never go like you wish?</i><br>
filled with the thrilling excitement of the success you seemed to have, you played your role well - you were only 'occasionally' backstage here, you were supposed to cheer your fellow trainee up, you 'did not expect' her to 'disappear' all of a sudden. you spread the rumour, with fake tears in your eyes, that there should have been some talks with her where she confessed her insecurity and her anxiety about her debut, that she did not feel like debuting (totally not true). they believed you. although they were a bit confused and skeptical towards you, they finally came to the conclusion that they could not <i>not</i> let nobody debut. and it was, 'surprisingly', everything prepared for <i>your</i> debut. they had to choose you when they did not wish to stop their live show.<br>
and they did.<br>
everything seemed to be fine.<br>
everything was running in your favour.<br>
then, this 'basil' showed up. alongside 'hyemi'.<br>
everything was ruined now. you did not remember any word you said, but you can still the rage you felt. had you been mad? had you been furious? yes, you had been. and everybody who argued with you, back then, still knows your eyes which saw nothing but red. the management did not believe your words anymore. every lie was replaced by its other side, the truth.<br>
<i>it was your end. your final death. you were falling.</i><br>
<b>chapter five - present;<br>
there are only few reasons why you can be.</b><br>
you had to leave. obviously. you are not allowed to enter the building of sealight ever again. you were almost nineteen as this happened. your parents were not proud of you any longer, they turned their backs to you. <i>no.</i> they did not turn their backs to you, but you felt that they did not welcome you, either, as you returned to your parents' home, neither in your mother's nor in your father's.<br>
<i>you have to get out of there.</i><br>
the world of showbusiness was literally the only world you knew. there had been rarely something else beside this, there was no way you would be able to get another job. a job which was not placed in the world you had been living in for so long.<br>
so, you tried to get into it once again, applying for various companies, but of course, they did not wish you to become an idol in whatever kind. your past is running behind you, not in favour of loosening the grip around your neck.<br>
it was not until you applied for being an assistant of a person you had never heard of before (other people does not interest you that much) - bo-ui sun. he seemed to be in need for an assistant, so you went to boss. as desperate as you were, you would accept any job they would give you - so, after a short talk, you had the job. finally. it was your chance to get higher and higher ... maybe. at least, they did seem to recognize your cleverness and talent in managing a certain amount of people, so they actually agreed on having you as a potential manager in reserve - if one would ever be needed.<br>
<i>you got your chance. do not let it go to waste.</i><br>
<b>chapter six - very recently;<br>
now it is your turn to show what you are capable of.</b><br>
now, in early 2018, as boss is pulling a new group together, it became your chance - you are now the manager of howl. although you still struggles with keeping their names in your brain, you are sure you will not let this chance pass by without hitting a strike. in the end, it does not matter how hard you have to push them, your goal justifies any mean, not? and you do not wish to waste your time with a group which is only 'known as good', but not 'known as the best'.<br>
<i>only one direction is allowed no: the one that is going up.</i><br>

<h1>connect the dots</h1>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
<u>edit 16/01/2018</u> last part of 'person of hatred' is changed from version one and chapter six is added, so it fits her new occupation (being howl's manager now).<br>
<b>general</b> ratigan is supposed to die at the end of the movie, but i decided to let her live, so this is some sort of a possible afterstory-ratigan. ... maybe.<br>
<b>name</b> if you switch the initials of her first name, you get r.t. and there's only an 'a' in the middle missing until you get 'rat'. her surname 'dutchman' is also an allusion to 'ratigan', as he has his own race in his name, too.<br>
<b>nickname / 'mori<s>arty</s>'</b> as the canon movie is some kind of an adaption of sherlock holmes, and ratigan is definitely the personification of moriarty as rat, i gave her the short form of his name, 'mori', as nickname. it's also fitting because 'toh-rin' and 'mori' have a similar pronounciation.<br>
<b>occupation</b> she's a failed trainee/idol which mirrors the fact that ratigan tried to become king but failed. as her reputation generally tends to be one of the worst ones, she has to cover her past up and must prove that she's worth some work - as bo-ui sun's administrative assistant (she'd do anything, but i guess nobody else would fairly like to). she is not able to become idol (say sovereign) anymore, for sure. as ratigan was a known underground leader and possesses some charms at least to convince his supporters, it would be also fitting to give her a potential leader role - short, manager in training. she might be in charge for an upcoming boss group.<br>
<b>birthday</b> ratigan's first personal appearance in the movie is at around 00:11:29, so her birthday is 29th november.<br>
<b>face claim / background / 'mixed race'</b> once in the movie, it becomes visible that ratigan doesn't like to be a rat, he doesn't wish to be called like that (he even fed one of his supporters to the cat because of that). i guess he was kind of excluded of the mice empire, of the other mouses and that he was discriminated against because of his being as rat, so i transferred it into her being of mixed-race, something quite uncommon in k-pop industry so far and generally the aspect of being 'foreign'. her whole background deals with this and made her to the person she is now - an adaption of ratigan's possible, but not necessarily confirmed, background of how i imagined it to be.<br>
<b>background</b> i changed a few things, so she actually did not kill people and all the stuff that actually happen in the movie (it's a bit of a softer version, to make it more reasonable why she's not in jail /coughs).<br>
<i>minions/supporters:</i> obviously staff members of sealight, but some trainees might have helped her as well.<br>
<i>crimes which takes place before the movie:</i> successful attempts to eliminate her competition in one way or another (supposingly mainly by attacking their health, either mental or physical via her minions).<br>
<i>queen mousetoria:</i> the superior trainee 'hyemi', which i simply named it like that because of the japanese word for princess, 'hime'. sounds kind of similar ... maybe.<br>
<i>diamond jubilee:</i> a live show where sealight's next soloist would have been announced / chance to make her debut.<br>
<i>basil:</i> a person who's in charge of trainees and a songwriter. somehow. also the person who always suspected the most. i left the name as it is.<br>
<i>olivia:</i> she became basil's latest composition which is easier to steal, but maybe just as efficient for taking hostage.<br>
<i>primary goal to become king:</i> wish to debut instead of 'hyemi'.<br>
<i>kidnapping olivia's father:</i> as preparation for the upcoming 'final', i transferred this into convincing parts of the management to prepare her debut as well.<br>
<i>kidnapping olivia, laying a snare by using olivia, capturing basil and attempt to kill him:</i> being able to keep him silent for a time by locking him up in a lonely storeroom. no killing aspect.<br>
<i>getting the queen's crown and becoming emporer for a short time:</i> managing to be announced as the trainee/idol which would debut in the live show which was airing at that time. she's only backstage, thou, and before she would be actually able to perform, she's stopped and tries to get out because they discovered thanks to 'basil' what she has done so far.<br>
<i>chase at the almost-end:</i> failed attempt to get herself out of it (chase of words) by arguing with sealight's management.<br>
<i>death by falling down:</i> she's metaphorically 'falling' to the ground, realizing her own 'miscalculations' in her way to achieve her goal. she's 'dead' also in the sense that she won't ever be able to make her debut, after messing up with so many things, it would not be reasonable to let her debut in any way. also, she's leaving the company she has been with for years.<br>
<b>personality</b> pretty much based on ratigan. he's moody, easy to please if one compliments him and some kind of in love with himself, except being a rat. he's clever and loves the big show, so all the traits are obviously part of toh-rin as well. both has a rather lacking character, though, and i guess they aim both for being accepted as who they are, seeing violence as possible mean to achieve what they want. i guess even 'fake affection' is alright with them because they don't seem to be personalities which care much about why people follow and support them as long as they do.<br>

<div class="tab">
<input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-3" style="z-index: 7; top: 200px;"><img src="" style="margin-top: 1px; margin-left: 1px;"></label>
<div class="content">
<div class="shipper">
<div class="shipperreal">
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
an exposed villain which tries to renew her reputation. due to that, she's a bit two-faced and will probably fake the nice girl, but the longer you have to deal with her, the more apparent it will get that she's still evil in some kind - or not. in fact, she's a bitter person who's still manipulating stuff to her convenience. a solitary warrior, in some kind, but her past wrecks up pretty much everything of her present.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
if you define friends as people who stick together no matter what, then she has probably ... no friends at all. being friends with her is quite difficult, not only because she's kind of distrusting you, keeping herself high above (vain alert), but she's also not the sort of being which would care much about you. good acquaintances are probably easier to make, she's a good entertainer and hostess - and she's easy to please once you find her great in any way.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
actually, i imagine her to be in some kind of toxic relationship. not certainly because of abusive aspects, it's rather because she will believe that you're dating her because you <i>have to</i> (whyever) and not because you really <i>love her</i>. every confession turns into a lie and every touch is poison. of course, she doesn't say a word, it's some sort of nice to be with each other, but still ... this steady feeling of 'force' will break things one day i guess. maybe, it turns into something better, maybe not, in fact, i have no clue. i might request something for this later on, but until now, feel free to suggest if you like to idea?<br>
she's possibly a sweet girlfriend who will cheer you up once you need support and text you frequently and laugh about any of your stupid jokes, but as she's only faking it (she's probably judging you like 24/7), it will be apparent in the long run because it's kind of 'too perfect', therefore acted.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
oh. she actually hates everyone in the first run, especially idols are a thorn in her eye, but she learned to deal with it - solo artist (as she could have become one), though, are a more ... tempting issue. she tries to avoid them as often as she can, she can't really stand them being more successful than her.<br>
it's easy to hate her in return if one knows her past. bringing so many trainees to fall, outdoing a specific person to debut instead of her in a criminal way, being manipulative and reckless in general ... her list of wrongs and don'ts is pretty long, so it's most likely that people still don't trust her and her 'new' personality.<br>
<div style="line-height:18px;margin-top:-18px;"><br>
uhm ... no idea, hit me up with everything that comes across your mind! she's definitely not <i>that</i> easy to handle (at least, in the long run), so let's see where we'll end.<br>
<div class="smallpics">
<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="heterosexual">
<div class="smallpics" style="left: 175px;">
<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="she/her">
<div class="smallpics" style="left: 337px;">
<img src="" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" title="ratigan from the great mouse detective">
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