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» all in, haku/alex.
na yeol tokki
 Posted: Jan 29 2018, 12:47 PM
na yeol tokki

@loeyofficial: =:3 (rina says that's a bunny)

The court rules said that the basketball court around the corner from Sealight closed after dark, but for as long as Loey had been living at the dorms, he couldn't ever remember seeing anyone that could actually enforce that rule. They even had lights around the concrete court that came on a little after sunset, blinding when you looked up straight at them but enough to keep most of the court out of shadow. Loey had been coming here for years, but in all of those only one of the lights had blown; he wasn't sure that anyone actually took care of this place or who he would even call to let them know that a light was out. There were some neighborhood kids, but most of the days when Loey stopped by, it felt like he was the only person that even knew this place existed.

When they were trainees and newly debuted idols, Loey would drag his friends out here as much as he possibly could. He had too much energy to be sitting inside and still back then; still did, but over the years, the people willing to be coerced into a game with him had dwindled. They were all getting "too old" to keep up with him, which sounded like a load of excuses to Loey- he was willing to forgive his hyungs though, since they had taken such good care of him over the years. But it was hard to play 1 on 1 versus yourself, and shooting layups and three pointers over and over again was only so entertaining... it didn't stop Loey from coming here and doing just that, but the sentiment still rang true.

The sun had set a little while ago, and the court was lit up around him by the surrounding lights and lights from the street not too far away. He'd worked up a nice sweat just running back and forth, playing a little with the neighborhood kids earlier that came out before they had to return to homework and families before tomorrow's school day, so he figured now was as good a time as any to pack it up and head back. He was standing over his bag with a towel slung around his neck when he noticed someone on the other side of the chain fence watching him.

It would have unnerved most people, probably, being stared at in public... but Loey wasn't afraid of much. He lifted his brown eyes up and gave what he hoped was a friendly smile to the person, nodding his head in greeting before glancing back toward the court behind him, "Wanna play a little one on one?"
hakuryu midorikawa
 Posted: Feb 1 2018, 11:56 AM
hakuryu midorikawa

@haku_VCB: N/A

happiness is only a word
It’s just a dream that everyone wants

To say Haku got restless around the dorms was an understatement. Not that he didn't appreciate spending time around his groupmates - he did - but doing the same things all the time got to be old. He never exactly planned the nightly excursions from the building lately, or really thought them through other than a means to an end in getting rid of the feeling of sitting around uselessly he was struggling with.

Maybe he would be accused of sneaking out to go see someone, but it wouldn't be the first or last time that Idolgee made shit up about people like him. There were better things to concern himself with than worry over that. Taking a different route than usual, he'd barely gotten a block away from the Sealight building when he noticed the basketball court.

Logically, he knew it was there and had been for a while, but it had never really been a place that caught his attention before. When he went out walking like this, it was usually just to clear his head and move around, not actually get out in public places and do things. It was a bit surprising to see someone else there just after sunset, and when his eyes caught on them through the chainlink fence, he did a double take.

Huh, maybe he wasn't the only one around Sealight feeling a little restless...realizing he'd been staring only once Loey turned to look at him, Haku swallowed at his question and glanced around, then shook his head and tugged the hair tie from around his wrist. "Don't really have much experience with basketball, but sure. There's a first time for everything."

Tying his hair back into a ponytail while he walked around to the gate, he shrugged off his jacket and hung it on a section of fence that had been pulled free from the rest. The weather was still slightly biting, but moving around would help with that.

@na yeol tokki
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